The Guu Villas Website Design and Logo

Client: Guu Villas, Thailand

Project type: Website design and development

Date Completed: October 2021

Client requirements: Complete Website setup including Domain and website hosting setup and configuration, email setup and configuration, logo design, full Website Design, Optimised mobile and tablet website design.

Project Summary: Website and Logo design for The Guu Villas, this new website projects main purpose is to promote the construction of 4 brand new villas that are being built in Phra Ae/Long Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand. Other requirements include mobile and tablet optimised versions of the website, with custom elements designed for each platform and usage. A simple website to start with, but the design allows for expansion of the site and some pages and elements are still under construction and can be used when required.

Guu Villas Website and Logo design, project samples