Ken Block in Russia

Ken Block is on a mission of destruction as he battles the elements, races rogue skiers and tries to take out as many cameras as he can!

This amazing GoPro Video shot in a Russian Ski Resort featuring Ken Block and his Ford Rally Car and 100’s of GoPro Video Cameras. There are several shots on corners where you can see 20-30 GoPro Cameras setup. He even has GoPro cameras mounted in trees, ski lift poles and various other places, this is probably the most amount of GoPro Cameras used in a single video (I might be wrong on that one so don’t quote me)

His Car also features over 20 fixed GoPro Cameras and one GoPro mounted on his helmet.

I will be purchasing a GoPro Hero 8 Black edition before my next Snowboarding trip to Japan and I can’t wait to carve it up and have my GoPro capturing all the footage.