Best Mac Mouse for Power Users or Gamers.

This post is just my opinion on the best mouse for Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. Both of these recommendations would suit a desktop setup or mobile setup or a mixture of both.

I have used several mice over the years, probably 20 or more and even tested a few of the offering from Apple which im not a big fan of to be honest. My use for a mouse is not just for emails and writing the occasional word doc, I use a computer every day, its a tool for my job so I need the right devices to get the job done as easily as possible and that doesn’t give me RSI when im using it, again I use my mouse for at least 6 hours a day and sometimes double that.

So I have 2 mice that I recommend and I own them both, also they are both made by the same company called “Razer”. Razer make  great products, well designed, reliable and easy to use, they might be a bit pricey but you get what you pay for in this world and if you buy a Razer mouse you get a great mouse no question.


razer-ouroborosRazer Ouroboros

My at the desk staple is the Razer Ouroboros this is one of the best wireless mice I have ever seen or used, its classed as a gaming mouse due to its high precision and adjustable buttons, this makes it perfect for anything that requires a level of precision  like photo editing or detailed work in your favorite vector application. It fits perfectly in the hand and me being a lefty its also perfect as this mouse is designed to be used by left or right handed people. Check out the Razer website for more info on this item.




razer-orochiRazer Orochi

I also have the Razer Orochi which is aimed at the mobile user, I have this in my laptop bag 24/7 anytime I need a mouse on the go its ready and is an equal match on design and specs as the above Ouroboros. before I got the Ouroboros I used the Orochi fulltime and it was exceptional for any task.  There is also one feature this mouse has that I have not seen in any other mouse, it can be used as a usb mouse or a bluetooth mouse, making it perfect for the people that like the wireless setup, if the batteries go flat you can just plug it in and keep working, this is a game changing feature for me and sets it apart from the competition, best of all when using it as a Bluetooth mouse the cable completely detaches from the mouse so it looks and works like a bluetooth mouse.


There are many good mice out there that work pretty well, but if you want the best, Razer is the King.