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I know I just posted about the Audi E-Bike but hey, I have been doing some research on Audi and you find all sorts of amazing things when you look for it ūüôā

This post is really just for my love of Motorbikes and this one looks amazing for a concept bike anyway. As Audi have recently absorbed Ducati into their portfolio I can only imagine this is what both companies have come up with after putting all of their heads together?

After getting hold of Ducati, saving the Italian bike manufacturer from a future which looked darker by the day, it looks like Audi starts to like bikes even more. The German car manufacturer surfaced some sketches of a sport bike, but there is yet no word on whether the real bike will ever prowl the streets or not.

The Audi Motorrad is the creation of French designer Thibault Devauze and his brother Marc Devauze. They asked the modeler Clement Couvreur to shape their concept, and we must admit that the Audi bike looks extremely sleek.

For starters, we loved the sporty lines of the bike, with the centralized mass design and an empty and light rear end which screams sporty character. The whole attire of the concept is utterly futuristic and aggressive, at the same time. We also love the fork idea, maybe because it reminded us of Paolo Tesio’s amazing Ducati.

What looks like an electric bike, should however be powered by a Desmodromic 850cc L-twin Ducati engine with a dual clutch design, a sure way to draw the bike enthusiasts’ attention. Using Audi’s Ultra lightweight frame technologies and blending carbon fiber and advanced alloys in this build should make the Audi Motorrad a worthy competitor in the industry, if it ever makes it into mass production.

Adding in all the road racing expertise from Ducati should also endow this bike with a ton of sporty character, and this is one things we riders love quite a lot. Thibault adds that since BMW is Audi’s greatest rival and they sell bikes, it was only natural that Audi thinks about motorcycles.

And having Ducati in the same yard could prove an awesome advantage for the Ingolstadt guys, should they agree that four rings can make two wheels.